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Boy Stuff! Boy Stuff! I realized that while I enjoy putting these things together, I don’t think I have ever done a men’s version. So today was the day! I used a little bit of Scooter mixed with a little bit of what I gravitate to for men and voila! 

When I was done I realized I apparently don’t like color on men either. Neutrals gal through and through these days. 

While I think most people who read this are women, at least use this as inspiration next time you need to buy your man a gift. Use it as an opportunity to spruce up his wardrobe and put those tired old clothes he currently has to bed. 

Happy Saturday!

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It’s always fun for me to see my style evolve and change. While it can sometimes be a little sad and weird trying to figure out why this dress I once loved, and still love on a hanger, just no longer makes me feel anything when I put it on, I still find it refreshing when I start to like new things.

Lucky for me, this new change has made me obsessed with simple and basic articles of clothing which are much easier to mix and match. I also used to hate to wear the same thing too often but when you are constantly rotating basics, it A) becomes harder to tell and B) you stop caring as they are not such obvious pieces. I like plain, I like simple, but I like it to also speak up a bit and have a little something else going on with it. One element of surprise each time does the trick and keeps things feeling fresh and new. 

Allow me to demonstrate with the collage method because I am still can’t take myself seriously enough for style photos.

Cable Knit Sweater styled with black denim, black boots, and some always important red lipstick. Jewelry by Goldyn, Givenchy + Mulberry, Moi

Mango sweater styled with light wash denim, and combat boots ( *I actually think I may buy this exact sweater. Have been on the hunt for a similar one!*)

House of Fraser top, styled with dark wash denim and clogs.

Try more basics this fall! They look good!

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Hey, fall!

Already though? Fall starts this week and while it’s been a pretty fun summer I can’t believe it’s already time to kiss it goodbye. School is back in session and there is that coolness coming over the air sometimes that always takes me right back to those first few days/weeks of school growing up. Where the air felt almost the same as it had during my two months of freedom, but now it had a new, nervous freshness to it. Even at 25, September still feels this way to me. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. 

While our wedding inches closer and closer each day, the next big chapter in the adulthood edition of my life story does, too. And it has me doing a lot of thinking. Too much thinking if you ask me. But I suppose that is how I have always been. A thinker. A worry wart. An over analyzer and an OCD plan freak.

It is a conversation I have with my soon-to-be-husband a lot. “What are our goals? What are we doing? What kind of five year plans do we have?” It is mostly me asking these questions as I am the one who feels like I need an answer to everything right now. I’ll tell you what, if crystal balls where a legitimate thing, I would pay big bucks to take a quick peak and know what lies ahead. I don’t like life catching me off guard. I like to be prepared and I like to know that the future is always bright. I have a really had time living in the now and taking a step back to enjoy what is happening in this moment. I am working on it. Though probably not nearly enough.

I just wonder too much. Does anyone really know what they are doing? Is everyone else just as nervous and freaked out by the future as I am? I think everyone is just pretty good at pretending they have it all together when really, we are all just as messed up and freaked out as the next guy. I have to remind myself of that a lot. That I am not the only one who feels this way and at the end of the day, we are all human and relatively all the same. We all have moments of feeling good, feeling awesome,  feeling terrible, and feeling worse and do it over and over again with each passing day, week, month, and season. But we forget that most times. At least I do. I see everyone else as always falling into one of the first two feelings, and rarely the last two. I forget everyone has a different story and different battles and different privileges and different things going on than just what have going on. It’s comforting though when I do remember. That we are all dealing with our own chaos and bizarity and good fortune all at once but whats good for me isn’t always good for you and what happens in each of our individual stories is okay. Because they are our own. And we’re all doing the best we can. 

This time in my life is a weird one. It’s fulfilling and deflating all at once when it should really just be the former and I mostly feel bratty and selfish for ever feeling deflated when I’ve got so much good around me. But those feelings too will pass. I will go through to again  feeling great and I will go through again feeling worse but I can only hope that with each high and low I remain grounded. That with the bad I can cling onto the bits of good and what the good I can appreciate the hell out of it by remembering the bad. 

Anyway, I am going to call it quits on this post now before it becomes any longer than it already is. 

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Sometimes you have a weird day at work and you feel sad and you just want to come home and watch The Hills and pretend it’s your life for a little while.

Sometimes you have a weird day at work and you feel sad and you just want to come home and watch The Hills and pretend it’s your life for a little while.

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Life in Soda City

So I had a little date with my flat iron on Monday. I tucked it away nicely back at the beginning of summer because a) who really has time to flat iron their hair in 95 degree weather and b) I wanted to give it a break from heat tools. I air dried all summer and it made my life way easy. But I decided to go cut a fresh cut and wake the flat iron up from hibernation and I must say, my hair appreciated the break! I mean granted I did just get it cut too which makes it feel pretty good but it’s really healthy and I recommended doing some lengthy air drying. It’s also kind of fun to see what your hair WANTS to do instead of you force it to do. Just let it do it’s thing.

That’s enough about that. In other news, my car has been doing lots of breaking this month and putting me out a stupid amount of money and making my bank account v sad. And me v sad. This girl needs new work clothes BAD and it’s just not in the cards. I broke down and bought myself one new ($11) blouse but that won’t really cut it.

We helped our buddies move last night into an adorable house in our “hood” and I am excited for them. I sometimes don’t appreciate how awesome it is that most of my closest friends live within 5-10 minutes of my house. And I don’t take advantage of it enough and one day, and I know at some the day will come, it will require planning to see one another and I am going to kick myself for taking it all for granted.